Pregnancy is usually happy event but discovering an unplanned pregnancy can be a shock! Symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, and increased appetite are early indicators of pregnancy, but a home pregnancy test can also provide clarity.
Virginity is the state of not yet having engaged in sexual intercourse. It is impossible to see if a man or woman is a virgin just by looking at them. Virginity is a concept—there is no medical or biological definition of virginity. It is a mythologised status, the idea of a transition from one state to another, an initiation after which the informal status of a person has changed.
The term ‘sexuality’ first of all makes us think of sex, but the concept goes far beyond the bedroom and reproductive function. Sexuality is an important and integral part of each person's life, linked to the desire for love and intimacy, for close relationships, and for sexual pleasure.
Although miscarriage is a common occurrence, it can be difficult to process emotionally, especially if the pregnancy was difficult to achieve and is happily anticipated. If it happens to you, seeking support for yourself and your partner is an important part of self-care.
Pain, fatigue, headaches, stomach upset… Many women don’t feel so great when they are menstruating, so exercising is the last thing they want to do. Should women not exercise during that time of month? Actually, we should because exercise can help relieve symptoms! Still, there are some nuances worth considering.
Vaginismus affects about 0.5% of all women. It’s a condition wherein the muscles around the vaginal opening involuntarily contract, making any sort of penetration incredibly painful.
Breasts are particularly responsive to hormonal fluctuations. During pregnancy, breasts undergo considerable changes in preparation for breastfeeding. It can be hard to maintain the same youthful silhouette after giving birth, but there are methods for taking care of your breasts.
Facts and myths about predicting the sex of your baby. Terrible morning sickness? Definitely be a girl! No mood swings? Must be a boy… There are dozens of signs believed to indicate the sex of a baby still in utero, but we know most of these are based on folklore rather than science. Still, if these myths persist don’t they have some basis in fact?
Many young girls feel underprepared for their first period. Although most will have a general idea of what to expect, fear and embarrassment are all too common.
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Calendario Mestruale

Un calendario mestruale e della fertilità
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Funzionalità principali

Monitoraggio sia di cicli regolari che irregolari.
Previsione del periodo, della fertilità e dell'ovulazione. Modalità standard e avanzata (sulla base dei dati del ciclo precedente e in funzione delle fluttuazioni della durata del ciclo nei mesi precedenti).
Oltre 100 sintomi, altre opzioni come peso, BBT, stati d'animo, pillole, vita sessuale, muco cervicale, grafici e molto altro ancora.
Vari promemoria giornalieri: Mestruazione, ovulazione, peso, BBT, pillola multivitaminica, autoesame del seno, pillola contraccettiva, NuvaRing, cerotto contraccettivo, iniezione Depo-Provera, IUD.
Condivisione dei dati con il partner e sincronizzazione dei dati tra più dispositivi.
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We’ve all been there—preparing for a long-awaited trip, when we’re hit with the realisation that our period coincides with those meticulously chosen dates.
Managing your period is time-consuming and expensive. Many women carry the necessities around with them all the time—in case a friend, co-worker, or even a stranger in a public bathroom might find herself in a messy predicament.
What is considered a normal menstrual cycle can vary greatly from person to person, just like one person’s cycle can vary from month to month. Irregularities in the menstrual cycle are common and, in most cases, no cause for concern. However, they sometimes signal health problems or significant life changes, such as pregnancy or the onset of menopause.
Hormonal birth control doesn’t work for all women—some experience side-effects, others just aren’t comfortable with the idea of altering their bodies in such a fundamental way.
A regular period is a sign of overall good health. If it doesn’t arrive when it should, we worry. Most women experience some variability in their menstrual cycles.
Headaches, tender breasts, mood swings, fatigue.. These symptoms are a part of those attributed to the undesirable premenstrual syndrome, or PMS—a set of physical and emotional symptoms that many women suffer from in the days before their period.